opinions on the Houston GSP-02

Thinking about purchasing a tube amp. In trying to keep costs below $1000 how does the Houston GSP-02 stack up? Speakers: Near 50 me II.
The Rogue 88 used at 800/850 on this site makes the houton a non consideration.factor in factory support which is non exixtent on the Houston and the Rogue is a steal in comparison.Used dynaco are also a good choice.
Listen to Tml2. There are much better choices available to you. Rogue, Jolida, Quicksilver, Antique Sound, etc. I would even go for Golden Tube(another company out of business) before Houston. Why buy an amp that you will not receive any support on? The sound of Houston products is fine, but who will you go to in a time of need? There are not many people out there who would not be happy with the sound of a Rogue, and it is definitely doable under the $1000 price point.
Six months ago I bought a new Houston GSP-02 amp at auction ($650)from Simply Music (very nice people to deal with). TMl2 and Trelja make valid points on support and choices but in fairness, the Houston has preformed flawlessly from day one and I see no reason for it to malfunction in the near future (infant mortality issues and such). It is my backup tube amp but I find that I listen to it almost as much as my Art Audio. Go figure! Bottom line is - I feel it's a very nice amp that's easy on the eyes, ears, and wallet.