Opinions on the following Integrateds

I may be able to scrape together enough to look at one of the following in used form. Looking at $500 to $1000 used. As anyone directly compared these units to each other? I listen to rock and blues. I did not include the Denon 2000 as I had one for a test several years ago and thought it was very laid back. Opinions appreciated.
NAD 370
NAD 372
Cambridge Audio 740
Cambridge Audio 840
Creek 5350SE
Musical Fidelity A300
Plinius 8150 8200MK1 Pushing it pricewise
For rock and blues, I'd pick the Musical Fidelity.
I'd narrow it to the Creek 5350SE, Musical Fidelity A300 and Plinius 8200 MK I.

I always read glowing comments about the Creek.

You might also look into the Audio Refinement Complete (around $500 used).
I've heard the Creek on one system, and thought it sounded a bit dry. That was just one system though. A couple others I'd add to the mix: the Portal Panache (outstanding, uncolored) and the YBA Integre DT (such clarity and resolution!). Enjoy the search and tell us what you end up with!
The Portal Panache is a great addition to the list.

FWIW, the Audio Refinement Complete is (was) made by YBA, and has much in common with the Integre DT. Read this review for more details.
I have a question? I had the Complete Integrated in my system some years ago and also owned the Complete CD player for a short while. How does the Complete Integrated or the new Integrated designed by YBA which replaced the Complete compare to the YBA Integra DT?
Thanks guys, No love for NAD. Right now I like the NAD 3400 Monitor seies IA over the Rotel 990 power and 995 pre I am using. Better in the voices and bigger stage but had to replace the jumpers on the NAD with cardas neutral reference. Really changed the resolution and focus.. Now it sounds more like the Rotels resolution. I thought the MF also but there is no headphone jack and I do not want to buy an amp. Also I would like to be able to control the volume of the headphones with the remote and there is no way to shut off the speakers on the MF. What about the Shandeling a300 or is it A3000??
Save us all some time and make a list of features you must have on your new integrated.

Perhaps by doing that you can eliminate some contenders from your original list.
Get a used YBA.
I use the NAD BEE in my gym with Silverline Preludes jammed into the corners of the room. Given the unfortunate placement limitations, the combo sounds pretty decent and goes louder than I can stand (and on a treadmill - I REQUIRE crushing SPLs to help forget where I am).

Why not a NAD 3020a
(not the series twenty ones) more musical than the new stuff. cheap too. Ive had the new nads,sold them,kept the 3020a.
Most of those amps are uninvolving, and after not too long will bore you to death.