Opinions on the Faroudja DV 1000 DVD/CD player?

I would like to hear from any who have experience with this discontinued player.

Thanks in advance!

I have never owned one but I remember it getting good reviews. If my memory is correct, this player was based on an early Toshiba player and could not read or output a DTS signal. This was something many early DVD players could not do.
I haven't used the player but I will say this, I looked at an ad for this player today and the thing that struck me was a lack of even component video outputs. If you don't care about video no big deal, but if you want to watch movies I would think that component output would be considered a bare minimum in a modern dvd player and even that is quickly becoming obsolete.
I have owned a DV-1000 for about 2 years and can tell you it is a great audio and video player. It does have component video, but does not pass the DVD DTS signal, which is a drawback if you want that sort of thing. I have used this player mostly for playing CDs in which it excels. Someday I will sell it, but not until I'm sure that I can replace it with a better sounding player.
I just recently purchased one. The sound from dvd's is very impressive. Where I think it really excels is as a cd transport. It beat my Theta Pearl hands down. I agree with Tejaxon.
I use mine as an exceptional redbook cd player. A very good deal on the used market; they sell for about 2-300 bux. Grab one if you can find one!
I've had one for about 10 years... a fabulous cd player! I've been trying to figure out what audio processor chip it has.
forgot to mention... a few years ago I A-B's it in three different systems with a ML 36 and wouldn't spit for the difference in all three systems.