opinions on the Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet?

this is a replacement for a standard A/C distribution panel. it is built around Equi=Tech's Q-type isolation transformer and outputs balanced power. it is suppose to lower the noise floor 12db.

Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet System

i would be interested in the 10kVA size with the OFC copper wiring option and the EMI/RFI filter option on 3 or 4 circuts for my digital source and the digital amps in my subwoofers.

i do know that Equi=Tech makes stand alone boxes that are used in room.....i am looking for an additional level of whole system isolation. i already have a dedicated 'home run' from my electrical meter straight to the panel and use 2 dedicated ground straps for the panel. all 10 circuts off the panel are 10 guage romex 'home runs' to cryo'd Jena Labs duplex outlets. i use Jena Labs Fundamental 1 power cords with in-line conditioners. my system is quiet but i know an isolation transformer will make it quieter.

does anyone have 'before and after' experience with one of these things?

anyone A/C power experts have an informed opinion?

when i built my dedicated room i had this unit in mind as my acoustical designer had used it in many of his studio installations. i finally have the funds to seriously consider it.
I have the wall panel and it is a beast. Fantastic piece. I have the circuits wired to my Main Theater, a secondary great room Theater, and my whole house central control with distribute audio crestron ect. The think is built like a tank. System has totally clean sound. Fortunately I was remodeling when I bought it and used a crane to put it in. Love it.
Hi Mike

My friend, Brent, and I would like to thank you again for being such a gracious host the other night and making us feel right at home. Our enjoyment of the evening was only superceded by your hospitality.

I'll interrupt this thank you to respond to your thread....lol....IMHO, if you make your system any blacker, it will be a black hole and suck you and your system to some other galaxy, and we'll never hear or see you again!!!. Tread carefully....lol.

Now, back to the thank-you.... For those of you who have been fortunate enough to have heard the live performance capabilities of Mike's system, you will just shake your heads in agreement with what I'm about to say.

First and foremost, Mike is a music lover. A key ingredient in this distinguished hobby. He is also a true gentleman. A very knowledgeable audiophile with the perfect dose of humility who is careful not to tread on ground he has no experience with. A noble attribute for those of us who are so new to the home audio scene, and very gullable with the information we happen upon.

It is very apparent, upon meeting Mike, that he had a certain goal in mind, and stayed true to that goal, guided by his love for music, until it was accomplished. In my opinion, and my admittedly limited experience, he ended up with one of the darkest, deepest, widest, and most involvingly "live" music presentations I've ever heard.

The synergy between his pieces of choice, combined with such careful thought to the contruction of the room it's in; not only did his speaker's completely disappear, but so did his equipment! Only musicians and instruments where present....oh, and I almost forgot. A wonderfully tasty bottle of single malt scotch happened to be on hand as well. The perfect chaser for such a grand musical presentation. Thank you again, Mike.

Please forgive me for this forced interuption to your thread, allowing me to publicly show my gratitude to you and your contribution to this hobby and the many folks just like me, who are attempting to travel down a similiar path.

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Jeff, sorry for the delay in my response. i had not seen this here until just now.

thanks for the kind words.

i had a great time too and enjoyed meeeting both of you. you are both gentleman and music lovers of the highest order.

i learned some things from both of you about the music that i have always loved.....which was great for me. i wish i had the chance to hear Brent's 'Led Zepplin' cover band as i could see how it made the listening for you guys even better. i guess playing and living the music is hard to beat.

it was a fun time and i hope you guys had a safe trip back to the 'right coast'. if you are ever in this neck of the woods again you are always welcome.

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I don't have any personal experience, but a friend of mine in the high end audio/video installation business, always starts with getting proper power feed.

If it is in the budget, he recommends the Equi-Tech panel. All I can say is that the system I heard with that panel sound great.

I have heard a great system that costs well over $1 million (equipment alone) that uses that panel. Compared to everything else, the $6,000 panel is cheap.
thanks Larryi and Ksales for the feedback. this is likely something i will pursue.
I have the very same panel you are interested in. The company has excellent customer service, and the panel made a significant upgrade in my system. Five of the dedicated outlets from this panel go to my music room and the other five go to my theater room. It is very heavy (over 300 lbs.) and my electrician had to jury-rig a steel mount to hold it upon the wall. I have found that there is further improvement in using the Equitech wall panel in conjuntion with other conditioners of different technology (such as Shunyata, Audiomagic and the Powerwing)

Hope this helps and good luck,

"i would be interested in the 10kVA size with the OFC copper wiring option and the EMI/RFI filter option on 3 or 4 circuts for my digital source and the digital amps in my subwoofers."

The 5kVA unit should be way more than adequate for your needs. I also have a level 3 Rives design. Chris and Richard recommended the 10kVA model. My installer, who was an electrician in his former life, felt that 5kVA would be plenty for me and he was correct. I have both 2 channel and home theater that run off this thing and have never had any problem with the highest intensity music or movies. I'm talking about running simultaneously: a pair of Spectral DMC 360 monoblocks for the mains, 4 Bryston 7B's (driving 4 passive subs), and 3 Rotel monoblocks for center and surrounds. No problem at full tilt with everything going at once!!! Oh yeah, the projector is on this thing as well, not to mention all of the front end digital and analog components. Great piece and built like a tank.