Opinions on the best transport of 1k??

I need the help of my fellow a'goners. I just recently purchased a Kora Hermes 24/192 DAC. I am currently using my CDP as a transport but imagine that I can improve the sound significantly by including a dedicated transport. I would like to spend around 1k give or take a few hundred dollars. I am leaning towards a transport that has xlr outputs as well as coax.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for transports that might be appropriate for my situation.

Since I am new to DAC's and transports, can any transport take advantage of a 24 bit 192 sampling rate or would the transport have to also have this capability in order to make the combination truly 24/192 functional??

Thanks for your help...happy listening!!
If you can find the Vecteur L-4 or 4.2 jump. It is a very good cdp but excells as a transport. I have heard it used as such in a very highend system next to the Levinson 31.5 and while not as good in absolute terms it is a much closer comparision than logic would dictate.
I haven't seen any transport that outputs 24/192 PCM for $1K. You can get 24/96 from some Thetas,Muse and DVD players. Unless you have a big collection of DVD-A or DADs,
you might be better off looking for good used Redbook transport or have your CDP modified to enhanse it's transport abilities and add a AES output.
I believe the Philip 963 outputs 24/192, but only coax (should be able to pick up a new one for under $400 delivered).
I bought a used Parasound belt drive transport for $500 and sent it to Dan Wright for modding. It should be back this month. I don't think this modded unit can be beat for the dollar. Belt drive is so more musical and fatigue free...
buy a used audio note, they are on a different league!!!!If you buy a Phillips , you can get Sony or Radio Shack...anyway , with solid state drives , transports will no longer be needed because the servers will have near zero jitter, and No transport can offer that!!!!