Opinions on the Avalon Evolutions ?

can anyone give me any insight on the avalon evolutions, possibly on how they compare to the more expensive avalons.I am using aerial 7B's now with claase amps, would the avalon's be a upgrade ? my local dealer does not have them for audition but highly recommmends them. thanks
I have both Avalon Eidolon Vision and Evolution speakers in my system. There is NO comparison between the two. They are in two way different classes - Eidolon is extreme audiophile class (US$25,000 a pair), Evolution is high-end audio (US$2,000 a pair). To compare Evolution to Eidolon is really an insult to the Eidolon -- sort of tantamount to comparing Bose speakers to high-end audio. Eidolon Vision really sounds like music heaven (if there was one...:-) Hope that help!