Opinions on the Audiomat Phono1 Phono Stage ?

Hello. I have tried a number of phono stages recently with the hopes of finding one with sufficient gain to drive a 0.27 mv output MC cartridge - all without much success, (insofar as generating enough gain.) Can anybody offer me their experiences regarding the Audiomat Phono1 Phono stage, which I believe is rated @ 66db gain.
I know their phono 1.5 is out and highly reviewed, but I can't afford that kind of money right now. thanks.
I have been using Phono 1 with my Denon DL-103 which has a .3mv output and there is certainly more than enough gain. The Phono 1 is a fantastic bargain especially if you can find one used as I did. UHF Magazine reviewed a Phono 1 a couple of years ago and they raved about it.

Good luck!

Only read good things about the Audiomat. Very rarely see one for sale, and the last one I saw here was around $800-850 (can't remember exactly). Used to see one occasionally for around $500, so either he was way too high or short supply has driven the price up.