Opinions on the Acoustic Research M 6 floorstander

Has anyone ever heard the early 90s Acoustic Research M 6 floorstander?? What does it sound like or what can you compare/contrast it with? Thanks
Yes, heard them a lot.
Just a cheap and cheerful speaker that was easy to listen to.
Poor mans Focal perhaps.
It sounds like you were not impressed?
Not so, there were pleasant to listen to, most cheaper speakers are NOT .
Granted, I haven't heard them since, oh...1994, and my reference of "high end" at the time was the likes of Boston Acoustics, but I recall them being very fun speakers. I'd crank New Order's "Technique" through them at the dealer. I really wanted a set. They weren't "cheap" speakers (well...given my income back in 1994). If you can grab a minty-fresh pair (on the cheap), replace the surrounds, and perhaps drop in a few new caps, by all means do so.
Just so, Nrenter, just so.