Opinions on Silver Audio Hyacinths?

The next upgrade to my system will be the interconnects. "Gut feeling" says to try the Silver Audio Hyacinths (good reviews overall, the price is right and they're returnable just in case). Before going through the hassle of ordering I'd appreciate hearing what others think of them. My current system consists of Hales Revelation 3s, McCormack DNA-1 (Rev. B upgrade), SF Line 1, CAL Alpha/Delta CD. Cables are AP Oval 9s, ICs are Illuminations D-60 and NBS Stinghers. The hoped for effect is better definition and clarity without adding any glare or harshness to the top end. Are the Hyacinths a move in the right direction?
I own SA Hyacinths and HT Pro-Silway II, both excellent and do not have the typical brightness that say Kimber silver has......if cost were no object I slightly prefer HT PS II, but it costs much more. I am using Musical Fidelity CDP, preamp and monoblock amps, with double runs of AP Oval 9 speaker cable......it all depends on your taste and existing equipment, both are very detailed and revealing, and although not bright, don't have the natural warmth of good copper, try to arrange home trail before purchase.....Sam
I suggest you talk to Wen Lee at eaudionet.com. He seems to tell it like it is. I considered the Hyacinths and because of circumstances tried the Cardas Golden Reference. I am not going to keep the above because of price. I am going to try a pair of Golden Cross (used). The cardas are very smooth and buttery in my system. Silver Audio has definately not been ruled out. Good Luck Richard
Thanks to Wen-Li at eAudionet.com I auditioned the Silver Audio Hyacinths, Harmonic Tech. Pro Silway II and the new NBS Monitor IV. They were all XLR's and used on the following: Audio Research LS-16 pre, Audio Research CD-2 and Plinius SA100 MK III (NHT 2.5i speakers). The NBS Monitor IV interconnects were far superior. More revealing, great bass, clear highs that are not bright. I bought the NBS. However, the depth of the soundstage on the Harmonic Tech. Pro Silway II is something to listen to!
For the $$$, the Silver Audio Hyacinths are great interconnects. However, they are what they are: They really can't be expected to compete with the NBS Monitor IV's or the HT Pro-Silway II's of the world at less than half the price! On the other hand, the Silver Audio Appassionatas are another story altogether. They are fabulous cables that are extremely smooth, unfatiguing, and grain free. I recently upgraded to the Appassionatas from some Cardas Golden Cross interconnects and was stunned at how much better the SA wires made my system sound. All I can say is that Cardas ought to be ashamed of themselves!! I would try to stretch a little on the $$$ and give the Appassionatas a shot- I think they will be just what you are looking for. Good Luck, Ken
Kenny makes good point, SA Hyacinth provide GREAT performance/value ratio, it is slightly better than silver bullet 4 from SA.....and yes SA Appasionata is a step up, but you must pay up for SOTA performance..... Rosstaman has nailed the HT PS II strength, massive 3D soundstage capabilities, that is why I give it edge over SA Hyacinth, but it costs $400m vs $275m........Sam