Opinions on Semi or Automatic Turntables

As a vision impaired audio nut, I find using a fully manual turntable to be a delicate, unnerving experience. As a point of reference, I'm currently running a Brinkman with a Koetsu Urushi Blue. Very nice, but somewhat inconvenient, and of course there's always the fear of a nasty mistake in operation. Is it possible to find a semi-automatic, or an entirely automatic TT that offers exemplary performance? Any suggestions are most welcome.
Not at the highest level that I am aware of. In the past tables like the Thorens 126 and the Revox gave very good performance with automation. The Duals were also quite good. The small Technics linear tracking tables were surprising good. I have forgotten whether the Dragon turntable was automatic, I only remember that it automatically centered the LP. They would not equal the performance of a modern top turntable but you might consider picking one up and seeing if the level of performance was good enough for at least part time use. The investment would not be excessive and could be recouped if you were not satisfied with the results.
There is a Revox 790 currently listed for $429. You might want to check on it and see what cartridges will fit its arm. The reviews of this table were quite favorable.
Try the Denon 47F, fully automatic. I have this unit along side my Aries I/Clearaudio rig and it comes very close to matching the performance of the Aries. I use the the unit with a denon 103. In addition to the auto down and lift, it has a repeat feature which is what attracted me to it. I've given a couple of the 47F units to to my adult children to get them interested in vinyl and they love the fussless features and it lets their kids use it without worrying about damage to the stylus. The kids think it is 'cool'.
a new dual 405 or 505
Many linear trackers of years gone by are automatic. The problem is the near impossibility getting parts and servicing them.
Dear Frontier1: Denon DP-100M. Of course that you could find it second hand. If you buy it ( some time ) this unit can/could be a very good alternative or to " live " at the same " level performance " to your Brinkman.

Regards and enjoy the music.