opinions on Rega RS1 speakers

Is anyone using these bookshelf speakers??

What do you think about them? how are they working out?

I would like to hear peoples thoughts on these, I heard a pair briefly at an Audio store in Seattle, They sounded pretty good, seemed to have nice detail and musical.

Anyone using them?

Please share your thoughts.
OK, boiling down this post some.

The tweeter on these things seemed like a break-through in speaker technology......there was no distortion at all, incredibly clear sound reproduction.

This little light weight speaker, and I really mean light weight, it was too light. Sounded better than the Fancy better looking, high priced stuff in the store.

Maybe I'm just imagining it. I'm going back to listen again.

I'm thinking these are an over looked giant slayer.

waiting for comments.
You are right ..they are quite incredible.I've had some round here which I purchased on a/g recently for a friend on a limited budget. I normally listen on Lowther dx4 Medallion horns with various SE DH Triodes 45,300B,2a3,and was stunned, by their detail and overall blackness and sharp relief.I almost did not want to let them go.You're absolutely correct to say that they leave many other reputed brands in the dust.This uncanny ability,I think lies in the fact that smaller PAPER voice coils are more realistic than plastics,kevlars and the like.The trade off as with any thing in this game is whether you get sufficient bass for your taste.If you like acoustic and vocal music,you'll be ok.You can make up some ground(low frequency)with a closer listening position or in a smaller room & closer positioning to back wall..go for it...john
mcgarick, as glene opined your first impressions are spot-on--the regas are a really, accurate, well-balanced speaker. i suspect they're overlooked because of their low price, unassuming looks and light weight. their key attribute is they're impervious to placement--they sound really good at or near a wall or corner. soundstage is surprisingly wide, too.
What about adding a quality tight sounding sub with them?
I'm doing that now to good effect in my room with large book shelf speakers...

Rega doesn't give any specs that I can see?

They seemed to go fairly low if I recall, but I'm not to sure how low, that little paper woofer is so unassuming. Potent little bugger.
depending on your room size, placement, etc., you might not need a sub (your call, of course)--i'd guesstimate they go down to the mid 50s or so, which isn't earthshaking, but what low end is there is very tight and musical. when i auditioned 'em (with a 50w ss naim amp), they sounded just fine as is and i didn't feel like i was missing the bottom end. in contrast, my polk lsi7s (a similarly priced, similarly performing competitor) definitely need the added punch from a sub. in any case, enjoy.
I've never heard them, but they got a very good review at TechRadar, which I believe is the online version of England's HiFi Choice magazine. If I recall correctly, they gave the Regas a five-out-of-five-star rating.

Mcgarick, as you may know, Rega isn't real big on giving specs for any of their products.
They're great lil speakers...they rock! and yes, they are musical....but I don't know if I'd bother with a sub...if you want more bass, get a larger speaker...
I have the predecessor R1s in a second system. I swapped in the R1s as an interim stop-gap fix in my main system. They captivated me enough to sell off my Totem Forest and Totem Arros in my main system and I have now upgraded to Rega R9s.
My audiophile buddies generally concur that the Regas proved to be a quantum step up.

I am now looking for the Rega Rega R integrated amp and Rega DAC to marry up to the R1s as my second system kit.

IMO you will NOT be disappointed with the RS1s
Akg ca
What was your gear before REGA? I think you may have tipped me to buy the Regas!
BTW, I soldered in some Claritycaps in my speakers and they took a leap forward...nice
Funny I don't own a pair these since I've mentioned them to friends on a budget who are looking for good sound for small bedroom systems or live in small apartments. All of the Rega speakers I've heard including the floor standers are nice sounding. Kudos to Rega a solid company with a excellent product line. Having said that I guess I should get myself a pair now.
Hey Mcgarick,

Rega R1s shined with the following kit: ARCAM FMJ A32 Integrated amp
ARCAM P35 power amp:(I took out the bi-amped feature with the R1s .. they are not bi-ampable)

ATLAS Navigator all-CU ICs
ATLAS ASCENT 3.0 speaker cables

REGA R1s kit in my office system: (had 2 kits)

Sold:Arcam Alpha II integrated and Alpha 5 FM tuner with ATLAS Hyper3 speaker cables and ATLAS Navigator IC(sweet sound)
NOW (also up for sale)
NAD C370 inregrated amp (Modded for external power cord)
NAD C422 RDS Tuner
Nad amp pre-power factory jumpers upgraded to VAN DEN MC 102D MK III 6" Hybrids
VAN DEN HUL TEaTRack hybrid speaker cable/ ATLAS Hyper 3 cables
Custom Ecosse power cables in my ARCAM FMJ systtem (modded with Furutech and LFD gold plated IECs)...NAD kit uses entry-level CARDAS power cords that work just fine.

The Rega R1 Loudspeaker - A New Budget Reference
I bought a pair of RS1's today.

The dealer said to try them over the 4th weekend, right out of the box they're great!

What might they do when broken in?

I cant wait to hear the changes!

I'm glad I stumbled into the audio store that day.

My B&W ASW 600 sub seems to mate well with them too, giving the needed weight.

I'm excited.
Thanks for all the responses and comments, these are sooo under the radar.
I'm impressed to say the least. Can't wait to get them broken in.
These have a real nice flow about them, music just rolls out natural,very nice.
Interesting fact from article about the Rega RS line.


Although the new model has undergone other subtle changes, the RS1 differs from the R1 in two key areas: its gone up by £100; and it now incorporates Rega's radical new tweeter.

Radiation control

Coping with the rear radiation generated behind a tweeter's dome diaphragm has been an issue with speaker designers for years. Many drill a hole through the polepiece to avoid pressure build-up, but Rega has gone much further by drilling most of the polepiece out and leaving just a thin cylinder of metal instead of the usual thick rod.

By using powerful magnets, Rega's 19mm tweeter now has a 16mm-diameter hole through its polepiece, so the fabric dome effectively operates in free air and the rearward radiation passes through the motor into a generous cavity, shaped to avoid reflections.
These are the best small speakers I've had to date, I'm running them with a REL T-2 and it's pretty awesome.