Opinions on Rega Amps and Speakers

The Planet and Jupiter (2000 models) are my two favorite CD players. How do the Rega amps stack up -- the Mira, and the amp/preamp combos? What about Rega speakers. Much appreciated!
I've owned and/or listened to several Rega integrateds and fnd them to be very musical. Not the last word in detail, dynamics or imaging, but very respectable for the money. The speakers I find to be something otherwise. I would say no to them. Uninvolving in every way; not open enough, imaging was mediocre and I really did not like the vocal reproduction.
I've been using a Mira 2000 with a first gen Planet for about four months now. I tried a first gen Mira, and found it to be fun, but not very detailed compared to the Mira 2000, or the Arcam Diva.
I'm using some mordaunt short MS90 speakers, and they sound great with the rega gear. I've auditioned the Rega Juras, but they don't have much on the MS90s and are twice the price.
I also listened to the Mira 2000 with a pair of Linn Keosas, and I think they probably are a notch above the Juras for about the same price.

i'll come in with a different opinion, here. i am really quite fond of rega speakers, especialy for the price. they require a good deal of break-in, but all speakers do. i used a pair of juras for a while and i really enjoyed them. they weren't super detailed, but very, very musical. interesting thing about rega speakers, though: they sound fantastic with a really high-end front-end. i heard the super cheap and tiny rega ara's ab'd with a planet, brio and then a naim cd5, naim pre and naim amp, and they sounded among the finest bookshelf speakers i've heard.
I've heard the Ara's with a naim 150/32.5/hicap and they did sound neat. The build quality seems a little questionable though. What's up with those grills? I took one off, and spent about ten min trying to get it back on.