Opinions on Pure Note cables

Hi, i'v heard good things about these cables. What are people's opinions of them?
See my many comments here on Pure Note by using the search function. They will soon be reviewed by Positive Feedback according to a poster on the Cable Asylum. An excellent cable, well worth the money IMO.
I wrote a review of the power cord on this site. I need to write a follow-up. It did great things for all of my Krell gear!

When you do your search on Audiogon you will see my very positive comments!
I'm enjoying several pair of the Epsilon Ref. XLR ic's. And they've matched well with my Audience Au24 sc's.
I just received two pair of Pure Note Cables last Tuesday. So far, they have greatly exceeded expectations and have trounced three other sets of IC's I've had previously and one set of quite expensive cables that another member let me audition.

While it is too early to post a complete review (which I plan to do later) I can say that I have not heard cables that so accurately place instruments in the sound field. High hat cymbals not only sound like they come from the drum kit but also the kick bass sounds to come from just below the high hat. In my opinion many cables will give you the highs, mids, and lows in good fashion but the true test comes in accurate placement. These are great at that job.

More later.
4yanx, although good right out of the box, in my case they took exactly one week of solid burn-in time before they really came alive.

I forget PN's recommended burn-in time. Something like 100 hours. And they were right on the money time wise.
The only cable IMO that beats the Pure Note is the Siltech Compass Lake but you will have to spend another $7000. So for the price ($500) the PN is a steal.