Opinions on PSB Stratus Mini speakers...

I would like to hear everyone's general opinion on the PSB Stratus Mini's... What are their strengths and weeknesses and how do they compare with other monitors in their same price range? Thanks!

Great sound for small area.
Clean, clear , non-fatiguing sound with pretty darn good bass for a small speaker. I have used them in sort of an HT setting for about 6 months now and have no regrets. They sound great with both DVD music and movie dialouge-- nothing harsh about these speakers. I run a DVD player's audio output through a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 pre-amp, McCormack amp, and to the PSBs-- didn't really compare them to other similar sized speakers. Good Luck. Craig
I owned a pair of Stratus Minis for a while. They needed all the power my Parasound 1200II amp had - 200 WPC. I ended up trading them for a tube amp. I believe the Stratus Silver i's are easier to drive, can you audition them? Same footprint, floor standing.
I still own the Stratus C6 center channel, it mates well with my Montana SPIIs in my video system. I'll keep it until I have a new center channel made by a local custom speaker builder here in Phoenix...

The PSB stratus mini is a descent enough speaker for the $1100 price range new. It's not world class, but not a slug either. It's got nice enough midrange, better than average bass, and has descent immaging. The top is rolled a bit compared to other monitors in it's price (B&W CDM/NT's and up), and resolution is just descent. Overall, it deserves the "Class C" rating stereophile gave it. If you do chose these, use an amp with some good top end energy to keep the balance on top up to speed!
Actually, for half the price of the Stratus mini's, you can find a pair of Energy C-2's floating around the net, you should give them a shot! For 2 channel dubties, I doubt you'll find a better speaker for around $200-300 used!!!!
Thanks for the info.. I hope to be able to audition some soon.. Are the Mini's a neutral speaker? Will they match well with Classe equipment? Any similar speakers out there?