Opinions on PS Audio BHK Signature 300 monos?

I'd like to read your opinions on these amps. Do you own them or have you heard them? Please post your thoughts. Thank you!
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I received my pair on Friday 9-23.

They are spectacular. PS Audio and Bascom King hit these out of the park. Big, full, meaty, slightly sweet, powerful, just wonderful. They kind of remind me of a better version of the classic Conrad Johnson Premier 350 that I used to own.

Give 'em a listen.
Congrats!  Can't go wrong with PS Audio, in fact got another Power Plant coming Monday.  

I’m really enjoying them.

Bascom King and PS Audio hit the sweet spot with these amps. 
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Maybe a little late, but still worthwhile...

I've had a pair of BHK 300s for 2 months now and think they are absolutely fantastic sounding amps. The neutrality of the sound to the speed with which they can deliver is outstanding.

I think you would be hard-pressed to out-perform these amps - if you're contemplating new mono blocks or thinking of stepping up to mono blocks, best give these a listen on your short-list. Your ears will love you for it.

Good friend of mine who has been in audio for over 40 years said this to me today in reference to his system and upgrades he wants to make... "It would sound great if I had never heard your system."

I've paired the amps with an Audio Valve Eclipse pre-amp, Meitner MA-1 DAC and Mac mini with custom linear power supply. Inter-connects between the pre-amp and amp are Teo Audio Standard and between the DAC and pre are Teo Audio Splash Rc.

We had been driving Verity speakers but now drive a pair of custom built speakers that will hopefully be making their way to market in the coming year(s).

I'm comparing the BHK 300's to some Carver 350 tube amps that I have, both hooked to the BHK Signature preamp. The sound of the hybrid amp is extremely close to that of the all-tube Carvers. The 300's only lack a bit of the holographic quality that the tube amps have. Dynamics, speed and clarity are excellent on the 300's. Has anyone here done any tube rolling on the 300's? I would like to see if any more can be squeezed out of them. Paired with my Double Impact speakers they sound marvelous.