Opinions on Pioneer DV47AI and Sony DVP-S9000ES

I'm trying to decide which one to buy. I need a real good dvd player and a decent cd player in the $600 - $1000 range. I'm also planning on getting into the sacd scene. Any opinions would be greatly appreciately. Thanks.
I have owned a Sony 9000 for about a 1.5 years. As far as qualtly goes it is wonderful both video and SACD. I have very reveiling audio system and a great TV. I would highly recommend it. The ONLY draw back in my opinion is you cannot control volume from the remote, that's it! I am sure there would be some degragation in the audio section if it had a remote circuit. It has performed flawlessly since day one. Highly recommended
I compared the Sony with the DV47 (not ai) and for sound the Sony clearly was better with pretty good detail, extension and tone, it also has a presence that makes it compelling to listen to all without being especially fatigueing (for digital). The Pioneer had a nice tone but really is not very good at all, pretty standard all around, not offensive but I did not care to really listen to it like the Sony.

I just compared these two for CD sound about 3-4 weeks ago and bought the Sony, even though clearly the Pioneer had a better picture with better color and less grain.

hope this helps