Opinions on Ohm Walsh 2000 or JM-Lab Daline 3.1 ?

I want to upgrade(if it is correct) my entry systtem ; Nad C326Bee, PSB Imagine T, Beresford Caiman SEG dac

I narrowed speaker choice to Two.
Ohm Walsh 2000 & JM-lab Daline 3.1
I could not find a way to auditio them so. please let me know your opinion
I enjoy jazz, pop, and dynamic classic orchestral.

What is better choice between these two speaker for 2ch system?

And the last & the most important thing is the amp choice.

With Daline, I would like to try Tube amp but not sure for the Ohm speaker.
Is Walsh 2000 a power hungry speaker?

Can you recommend matching amps?
For the amps only, budget will be ~2500, used gear will be more than welcome.
Doe not matter Tube, SS, Integrated or separate.

Best regards


Arron - As for auditioning the speakers, Ohm offers a 120-day in-home trial.  If you decide to return them, you do lose the round-trip shipping.

Since I am unfamiliar with the JM-lab speakers (I thought they were known as Focal nowadays), I cannot compare the two.

I have owned the Ohm Walsh 2000s since late 2009.  You can read my initial review of these speakers in the Audiogon review section.  I have also commented on them at length in this huge thread:


A lot of the criticisms I have had of these speakers have turned out to be upstream issues with electronics and wires.  Eight years on,I am enjoying them now more than ever.  I think they may be my last pair of speakers.  They are wonderful  with a very wide range of musical genres, including the ones you listed.

They do like a lot of power, although they will sound good with less wattage (you can even try them with your NAD - you never know).  I run mine with a pair of powered subs, so the 150 watt-per-channel amp I use is plenty (Odyssey Audio HT3 with cap upgrade - the 2-channel version starts at $1500).  But I did try out a pair of 500 watt class D monoblocks, and there wasn't much of a difference that I could hear.  Other owners of these speakers have reported that 300 watts per channel or more will bring out the best in these speakers, but I am loving the sound I have now.  As for tube amps, as long as they are a solid 100 watts per channel or more, it could work.  I would definitely call John Strohbeen, Ohm's designer and owner.  He is accessible by phone (less so by email), and will give you honest, helpful advice on getting the most from his designs in your particular room.  

No speaker is for everyone, but the Ohm Walsh 2000s are definitely for me.  I could not be happier.  But whether they are for you or not depends on your ears and taste.

BTW, I also run a modified Beresford DAC (by K-Works, called the "Superberry DAC").  
Thanks for yor input Bondmanp

After read your reviews, I am pretty sure to try the Ohm.

For the amps, I will stay with my Nad for a while and see if I can find a better amps.

BTW, how do you like your Beresford?
Mines sounds very clean but I would like to experiment with a 15v linear power supply.

czar2000 - I like it very much, but it bears little resemblance to a stock Beresford. The modder, K-Works (Igor Kuznetzov) replaced most of the electronic components (but not the DAC chip), added EMF sheeting, and mine has a huge 12 volt power supply (not sure of the type). I will put it this way: In an audio club shoot-out about 6 years ago, this DAC held its own against a $10K DAC from MSB, IIRC. In my system, it beat out a Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 (stock version).

I may someday replace it, but mainly to get higher resolution capabilities, a USB input, and a built-in streamer to replace my Squeezebox Touch. But I am quite happy with the sound of this DAC, especially since upgrading the IC between the DAC and my preamp.