Opinions on Nordost Frey with Simaudio and Dynaudi

I am looking for some nice speaker cables to run from my Simaudio 700i Integrated amp to my Dynaudio C1 Signature speakers. I have heard a lot of people use Nordost Frey with Simaudio. My listening room is 12 feet x 13 feet and the room itself is somewhat lively.

I have read that the Frey are quite detailed which I like but am concerned they may be to bright???

Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Yes the Frey is detailed and fast but not bright. Blue Heaven and Red Dawns would be little bright. When I first demoed the Frey's in my home I first thought they were 'thin' sounding but after some time what I found was I was hearing more 'air' between the instruments and vocals. I had a Nordost demo case for 8 weeks so I was able to compare the Blue Haven through the Frey's. I bought the Frey's but I will admit the Heimdall's are extremely close in sound. I had to 'squint' to hear the difference. I decided on the Frey's for I didn't want to price justify the sound per buck spent then later wonder if I should have stepped up.

That being said I had a Bryston B100sst with the original C1's at the time. I have since upgraded the Bryston for an Octave V70SE then later to the C1 Signatures. The only time I heard Sim (separates) with the C1's is when my dealer had Valhalla's on them.
I have not heard your amp - but I use Simaudio Moon P8/W8 pre-power.

I use Kimber Crystal-24 Speaker cable to my Sonus Faber Amati speakers.... works very well.....

Can't speak to your specific components but I have all Frey, Tyr, and some newer Red Dawn LS cables and they never seem bright or thin.

I am getting awesome dimension and air in my room. I also have a QX4 and QB8 power supplies.

I would say that if you find your system thin, the Nordost cables IMO won't solve your problem. That is not the goal of Nordost, or any other cable company that I am aware of.
Something to consider - I just got an e-mail from my local Nordost dealer stating the Heimdall - Frey and - Tyr has been replaced with a series 2 version. Yes they moved the Tyr from the Reference line to the Norse line. Supposed to be a lot better but until I can get his demo case I won't comment. Ive seen quite a few good deals on the originals here on Agon (some new but mostly demo). I may consider the Tyr 2 if it is super close or better than the Valhalla's.
Music Direct has all the old models 50% off.
No affiliation with them.