opinions on new amp please.....

hi, i have a emotiva system [xpa-2] and it is ok but want a bit more magic with my magnepan mmgs. anybody compare the parasound classic with the odyssey khartago or cyclops? i am at a 1000 dollar budget. my room is treated and i use fairly good other gear. nothing super high end. thanks

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thanks for the advice. i read a review that stated "jaw-dropping" performance from the khartago. plus you can send it back for upgrades. what i am wondering about and i suppose i should call Klaus is should i buy a khartago or cyclops. there is only one input but i can work around that with a dac with multiple inputs. or would that be defeating the purpose? i think i will go the route that is most "jaw-dropping". hah
there is a upgraded cyclops on audiocircle for 900 bucks. and i won't have the cash til next month. haha just the way it goes.