opinions on Music Fidelity A308 Integrated ?

I am looking for a inetgrated with enough current to drive my Aerial 8B's to their potential,I am considering the 308, I can't audition it, as it is a special order, any opinions on this amp or alternatives ? thanks
Samski, I don't know if this is going to help, but I have not been overly impressed with the Musical Fidelity equipment. Assuming you are buying this component new, I wouldn't purchase any of their equipment without first demo-ing it in your system (or anybody else's equipment for that matter).
I've had the A308 as a loaner for a week running my Magnepan 1.6's, and it is performing flawlessly.

The Musical Fidelity A308 integrated amplifier has a warm, almost tube like sound. It is a nice compliment to my Maggies which are very revealing and tend to be a bit harsh on overly bright sources.

The massive billet volume POT is sonically transparent, and is a joy to toy with. However, it had better be good because there are practically no other controls. No balance, no tone, no phase, only source selector buttons on the front. However, I am a techie guy, and I really like the austere machined billet steel face. Touching it and working the controls is an asthetic experience to itself. Not all of the "experience" is up to this standard though.

The remote frankly sucks. You need a scope to aim it, it is cheap feeling plastic, and there are too many buttons. I plan to replce it with the Ramjet billet aluminum learning remote.

Power is 150 wats per channel into 8 Ohms, and it doubles to 300 into 4 Ohms. Performance under difficult loads is excellent, and the heat sinks on either side barely get warm after hours of high output use. Two sets of outputs leave you with the option of either biwiring or an extra pair of speakers.

It's more attractve in person, and very competitive in sound with the BAT VK-300X which retails for $1-3k more.
I'd agree that you've got to listen to the amplifier with your own speakers-and just swallow the restock fee if you don't like the amp. There just isn't any other way.

Personally, I think the A 308 Integrated is superb for my speakers, the kind of music I listen to, etc. .It is hard to understand why someone would say it"sucks" unless they are looking for an amp with exagerated bass, high end, or whatever. Highly recommend that you give it a listen

Good luck !