opinions on Muse Model 3 preamp

I have a deal pending on this preamp, I have no local dealer, can anyone tell me how it compares to the bat or adcom preamps or other alternatives, a ht bypass is a must, not interested in tubes, thanks all
Ask yourself this question if you are comparing between Muse and Adcom products : If Adcom preamp is as good as they said then why are so many people posting it for sale, perhap it is because of the the problems in build quality or lousy quality control that appeared to have plagued many owners of these pre-amps >(see the Audioreview.com reviews), my personal experience with a couple of Adcom new products is that they either have some sort of part's defect or malfunction in some way. Regarding Muse products I think that it is an excellent products with solidly built quality, but Muse is an under-Rated product perhap because they don't spend 100 time as much in advertising with Stereophile Mag. as ADCOM ( just take a look at advertisement index of Stereophile Mag. in the past 10 yrs. ). Just a simle thought, hope it help and good luck.
Just check out all the reviews on Muse products at www.audioreview.com and make a comparison for youself.
I once owned a Model One which was excellent but that was then. Best advice is to invest the $30 in the Audiogon BlueBook to see if the deal is right. Trading is about buying, not selling. If you pay the right price and the component doesn't work out, you can always turn it over quickly for the same money. That's always worked for me.
I have used the MUSE 3 w separete power supply for 2 years and its an exellent preamp. You must go up to the Ayre K1 or other megabuck preamps to bet it.
I would highly recomment the Muse model 3. I have had a lot of changes in my 2 channel system over the last several years. The preamp and the speakers haev been the only steady pieces. Actually, the speakers are going next week when my new ones arrive. If you would like, read the audioreview articles. One of them is mine. Overall it is a very good preamp. To boot, it is by far the least expensive part of my 2 channel setup, and is right up there with everything else.
Its attributes: minimal sonic character (that's good). It's user friendly and does have the HT bypass. The guys at Muse are very helpful and knowledgeable. Very honest guys too.
I used to have an Adcom many years ago and it really is no comparison. I think the Muse components are less popular because, as stated above, they don't spend a lot on advertising. It keeps the price down. Hope this was helpful,