Opinions on Montana speakers?


I looking for opinions on Montana loudspeakers. I'm interested in the EPS, but I'd appreciate opinions on the other models as well. Are they a good speaker for rock?

How about placement? Do they do well spaced far apart?

Also, how do they compare to Dunlavy's? They seem to have similar designs.



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I went to a fellow AG members home a year ago to hear his Montanas. The WAS series . The speaker was massive but the signature belied its size offering a magical act and disappearing into this expansive room . The overall impression was that the speaker was coherent dynamically and offered a substantial lower midbass that blended carefully with the midrange . This characteristic made the speaker seem much smaller in stature . The upper octaves were beautifully presented and the lingering impression was that it was worth every penny . As a design , the company makes solid products .