Opinions on Montana speakers?


I looking for opinions on Montana loudspeakers. I'm interested in the EPS, but I'd appreciate opinions on the other models as well. Are they a good speaker for rock?

How about placement? Do they do well spaced far apart?

Also, how do they compare to Dunlavy's? They seem to have similar designs.


I have Montana EPS for almost 3 years now, and I love it. I upgraded my system many times, but never thought of replacing them. I think they do everything overall right, with a very realistic sound. I found myself getting excited from other speakers as well, however, at the end of the day I'm very happy with them. It should be paired with very fine electronics. Don't let the sensitivity fool you, they need a lot of current. I think you can't go wrong with the EPS. I actually think they sound better then the EPX or the XP. A step up from that would be the KAS, if your room dimension affords.
I went to a fellow AG members home a year ago to hear his Montanas. The WAS series . The speaker was massive but the signature belied its size offering a magical act and disappearing into this expansive room . The overall impression was that the speaker was coherent dynamically and offered a substantial lower midbass that blended carefully with the midrange . This characteristic made the speaker seem much smaller in stature . The upper octaves were beautifully presented and the lingering impression was that it was worth every penny . As a design , the company makes solid products .
I have loved my SP2s for many years now. There have been more than a few speakers to come and go in my listening room, but none have bested the Montanas. I am awaiting delivery of a pair of FTA-2000s using the Fostex F200a which are being built by Bob Brines right now. It remains to be seen if they will unseat the defending champion SP2s. More to come........

I also have owned the SP2's and they were one of
the most musical speakers I have ever heard/owned.
If I did not have the Audes Grand Blues which I
love, I would seek out another Montana speaker.
I owned the EPS for 3+ years.I loved them till I bought a pair of Lowther horns-(as a lark)The Lowthers make it seem like there is a blanket over the Montana.--This applies to the mids and highs.Certainly not the bass tho.---Just don't be going around listening to no horns.
I have the EPS Montanas with custom red. You can't go wrong with this speaker! It does all music right, and throws a holographic stage; best mid-range I've heard-treble and bass are also excellent.