Opinions on Monster Sigma Retro Gold speaker cable

There is not much info from the press or from past or current owners on this flagship speaker cable from Monster Cable. I would like to get some honest opinions from owners,either past or current, regarding it's sonic attributes and/or faults.I would like the feedback to be honest and not biased negatively if you have a problem with Monster's lawsuits regarding the use of their name. Some have compared its sound to the Cardas Golden Reference.I had read that just prior to starting MIT, the owner and designer Bruce Brisson, had collaborated with Noel Lee to help him in his early high-end speaker and interconnect lines. I was curious if Monster Cable had taken what they had learned from Bruce and applied it to their new flagship cables. Thanks for your input.
I don't know if Bruce collaborated on this effort, but I don't believe so. The Sigma Retro line was created well after Bruce had left Monster Cable to partner with the Sumners of Transparent Cable, and after Bruce parted and headed up MIT. Just a minor point, but the Monster Sigma Retro line of interconnects and speaker cables are actually designed by Demian Martin of Monster Cable. Noel Lee did not "officially" contribute to the Sigma Retro line at all.

History aside, however, I am totally amazed and surprised that Monster can make such an incredible cable. I've only used their speaker cables so far, but liked them so much that I have decided I will buy their interconnects as well. I have been using them in my main system but recently bought another pair to start up another system.

They simply sound "right". Offers tons of detail and edge definitely that is simply starling. Neutral, smooth, with a noticeably wide soundstage. (Check out Stereophile's Feb '04 review on the Sigmas competing closely with the Audience AU24, Nordost Valhalla, and Nirvana S-X Ltd.)

In terms of speaker cables, I've used many including Kimber 8TC, XLO Pro and Reference, MIT's MH-750 and 770 CVT, Transparent Musicwave Plus and Supers, Discovery Signature and Essential, and Tara Labs Air 2. My wife and I both find the Sigma Retros to be the keeper of the bunch, which says quite a bit. (BTW, my wife doesn't know anything about cables, just how they sound to her ears)