Opinions on Monster Cable 2.4s biwire cable?

I'm curious as to what people's opinions on Monster Cables 2.4s biwire cable are? Is this a decent cable at it's price point? What are it's strengths/weaknesses? The equipment it'll be connecting to are Aerial Acoustics CC5 center channel and LR5's for the fronts. The amp is a Theta Dreadnaught, and the preamp is a Lexicon MC1. Usage is primarily for home theater use.
I have owned the Monster 2.4's previously, and it was a nice entry into the benefits of high end cables, but with the gear that you have,you should definetely look to a more detailed and balanced sound, like Acoustic Zen, or Harmonic Technolgy Pro-9 plus biwire.They should complement your system nicely.
I used the 2.4s Bi-wires in my bedroom system (Aragon 24K pre, Aragon 4004 MkII amp, Proceed PCD 2). I liked the wires, but ended up replacing the fuses in the 4004 because the wire where so heavy and cumbersome they shorted out while showing them off to a former GF..........

They sound very good, but are so heavy they aren't something I'd go for again. I returned my pair for a pair of Nordost Blue Heavens. The BH are slightly lighter in the bass, but way more accurate in the high end......and they are low weight so you'll not have to worry about shorting out your amp............

...........yes, I'm sure some will bash me for this situation, but let's face it, it does happen! For $1.65 @ Radioshack I fixed the amp, thankfully, I (you) may not be so lucky!

As for strengths, great low end, moderate highs, the Nordost's blow them away in high end (way quicker and smoother) but lack the bass.
I don't have experience with Monster 2.4 bi-wire cable, however I recently auditioned a number of bi-wire cables for my Aerial CC3B and LR3s. Most cables I tried were to warm in the upper bass and lower mids with the Aerials (for my tastes anyway). For a reasonably priced cable I found the DH Labs Q-10 to work very well with the Aerials. Its linear, detailed, open, and dynamic sounding.