opinions on modern horn speakers

Hello kind souls on the gon ,Do any of you have any opinions on the sound of some of the new horns on the market? Like the oris , avantgard or ?I have owned most types of speaker systems, many very pricy and popular,All sounded souless compared to a good horn on a SET amplifier .Have any of you experanced the same? Or the oposite?.Many people say that horns are in your face or honky sounding .I have only heard this out of antique horns and PA gear .Just wondering if others have a opinion on this .Thxs for your time .JK
I currently own Avantgardes and am extremely pleased using 2A3's. I also know that Rethm and Beauhorn make wojnderful sounding speakers using Lowthers. I do NOT hear any honk or in your face issues.
After many years as a Maggie fan I haveswitched to Lowther Medallions PM2a and a 3.5 watt DH SET amp. I couldn't be happier!
Honky, I feel is true of older designs. The Avantgardes, and even better the A-Capellas are defentitely worthy of a try. Especially the latter, if set up right, can even give the best of stators a run for their money.
In Beuhorns I don't hear any honking but don't hear any bass and details as well. They're simply bass-free speakers.

Avantgarde is an active system with active dynamic(i.e. non-horn) woofer(well except Trio that has bass-horn that needs quite a space and costs like Mercedes 500 series). I listened to Uno and Solo and realy was impressed with fast woofer and horn integration. The horn in Avantgarde could be driven with OTL since its impedance goes quite high.