Opinions on MIT MH 770 bi-wire??

I have read all the debates on speaker wire & IC's,and am
more confused than ever (but that's another story).

Has anyone used this exact cable and if so is it any good
(or worth the price of near $4k ?)

I have a chance to pick up a set for a considerable
savings, but will it be any better than the inexpensive
Nordost Super Flatline Gold I am using.

I have heard of lot of bashing of MIT but never heard it
myself, and don't want to spend a lot of money on a pair
of speaker cables if they are boat anchors.

My system consists of (at the moment)

Bryston 4B ST
Maggie 3.6 R's
Cary tubed CD
Sim Moon P-3
TG audio & Blue heaven IC's

Would the cables be a good match, any thoughts greatly

I have a set that is between a Krell KSA-2 and B&W 801s. The work fine and sound good. I bought mine new from Audio Advisor.com for about 60% off list.
I use the 770 twin in my stereo system. To get the full benefit of the speaker wire you will need to incorporate matching interconnects. I also noticed a difference when I added the MIT AES/EBU reference digital cable between transport and DAC. Good luck, but be forwarned it can get expensive if you go this route .
I'm very happy with my MH750 Magnum biwire but no experience with the 770. Here's some comments on MIT from an archived thread: