Opinions on Miller Sound cables

Hi, anyone heard or owned the Miller Sound Speaker cables or interconnects.
I have used Millersound in my system for 4 years, and am completely sold on them. See reviews on audioreview.com, including mine: http://www.audioreview.com/reviews/Cable/product_3774.shtml
Excellent cables for a very reasonable price. Feel free to write me if you have further questions.
I agree with Vtvu, having auditioned them in my system for a week, I found them to be quite neutral, with excellent transient response and tight, extended bass. Liked them better than the Kimber Silver Streak I was using for my bass amplifiers, a little less than the Full Spectrum I was using for the mids/tweeters (not as rich sounding in the midrange), but then I got too good a deal on NBS Monitor 0 to resist. For the price, an excellent cable, one of the bargains in this crazy hobby.
I have their digital cable introduced by my friend Dan and I found the cable very detailed while be warm sounding and involving! Good deep and controlled bass with smooth mids & highs. Hard to beat for the price!
Feel free to email me should you need more info!
MillerSound are almost exact of JPS. I have their large speaker cables and have had their interconnects. Much cheaper than JPS. Aluminum clad copper shield. VERY stiff to work with!!! Great buy