Opinions on Metronome Technologie CD ONE Signature

There is a local selling one and I'd like to get some opinions on it before I go take a listen. I can't even really find much info on it since it came out about 10 years ago. Also, I don't want to over pay since I'm trying to build a good system on a budget and because I already have what I consider to be a very good universal player. (Halo D3) I'm always looking to upgrade.... Any ideas on what the CD ONE might be worth right now in mint condition? Thanks in advance. Cheers and beers!

I would pass on a ten year old cd player from a company with questionable service.

In most cases much newer cd players which are less expensive will outperform older players, digital technology continues to improve as we have learned more and chip and anti jitter technologies improve.

Just curious though how much is the player and where are you located?
Sorry this took so long. I'm in Metro Detroit, MI. We originally agreed on $700 but then he decided he wanted to sell his system as a whole and refused to sell it individually. Since I had no need for the rest of his components and the CD ONE was certainly the jewel out of all of them I passed. ....he still has it.
Anyone else using a Metronome spinner?