Opinions on McIntosh MR7083 Tuner

Can anyone give me their opinion on the Mac MR7083? How does it compare to the best McIntosh tuners and is it worth the typically high Mac prices on the used market?
From what I have been reading about tuners lately, the Mac tuners are no where near as good as the 78 and 80 and even some of the earlier models. They just can't afford to build them like they used to. The best tuners are still the ones built in the 70's when radio, phono and tape were the only sources of quality sound.
Visit this site http://www.geocities.com/tunerinfo/index.html
For the price of the 7083 you would be better of with the MR-78 or MR-80.Still it's a decent tuner.
I own one and enjoy it very much. Pulls in signals pretty well, quiet, and makes my favorite jazz station sound wonderful. It features digital, plus a rotary dial for tuning. I suppose the older, classic MAC tuners are better, but I have no complaints. I think you can get them for a reasonable price.
The last classic Mac tuner was the MR 80. If you don't want to shell out for an MR 78 or MR 80, try an MR 74, MR 75 or MR 77 for $500 or less on eBay.