Opinions on Mcintosh MC-2500 Amp from the 1980s

Hi, has anyone heard or owned this amp. It was Mcintosh top of the line Amp in the 80s. It weighed over a 100 pounds
I loved the sound of this amp; one of Mac's greater achievements.
I have an MC-2500 that I bought new in 81 along with a C33 pre amp. They have been the base for verious pieces of equipment over the years that have come and gone. The C33 had a tune up a few years back, but no probblems, and to my ears they still sound very good. They are hooked to a pair of Electro Voice Sentry 3 speakers and they will shake the house.---Ken.
129 lbs. to be exact. It is a lovely amp. I only heard it once, playing Joseph 33i speakers and it was quite amazing. Very smooth and incredibly powerful. Classic Mc sound which to my ears is one of the best. Arthur