Opinions on Mcintosh MA 6900 integrated

Has anyone compared the MA 6900 with others such as the Jeff Rowland, Musical Fidelity NuVista or any other high end integrated? Thanks.
Goose... can't say that I have, but are you sure Musical Fidelity is considered 'high end'?
I have three integrateds - the Mac 6850, Krell 300i and the Accuphase 210 - my friend has the 6900. It beats all of these and the Mark Levinson 383 another friend has. Just better balance and you can sneak in a little eq on some cuts.
The MA6900 is an absolutely fantastic piece of equipment. I have listened to it enviouly at my favorite dealer for quite a while since I can't afford it just yet. It has delicate envelopping highs with strong tight bass that is perfectly weighted as if it had the best of tubes AND solid state. It makes you feel the music. I agree it beats the Levinson 383 as I have listened to both in AB tests several times. Since hearing the Mc, the Krell 300i is shrill. The 6900 is incredible in all regards - I can't wait to get one.