Opinions on MC cart and arm for Lenco/Home Depot?

I am starting to build a Lenco/Home Depot DIY table, and am looking for a cartridge/arm combination in the $500-$1,000 price range. I tend to prefer used, but have bought new.

It will feed a Jolida tube phono stage, Eastern Electric tube preamp, Berning EA2-150 hybrid/Haffler P7000 amps, with RD-75 ribbons/transmission line subs.

I am sure variations on this question have been asked many times, but would appreciate any suggestions, particulary the more exotic combinations.

Many thanks,

I guess the Lenco-ers are all asleep or on holiday, so I'll jump in, I can't stand it any more! Jeez, probably no one has tried more different combinations on the Lenco than I have, though 4yanx is definitely catching up! The Lenco is a very neutral platform, so essentially any tonearm/cartridge that works well anywhere will also work very well on the Lenco. I've used a Rega tonearm (there are so many variants which will behave in very similar fashion physically) with a variety of MCs, including the Denon DL103 (sounds great), my Kisekis (similar to the Koetsus, the Black and the Rosewood Platinum, and someone else uses the Koetsu Black to great effect) mind-blowing, and the Supex MC901 Super, also sounds great. I don't like the sound of the Regas with MMs (sounds too subdued, MMs can do better), so for MMs I've used the Inifinity Black Widow with great success with the Grado Platinum (perhaps my favourite combination overall, very musical, tonally incredible, relaxed but with great rhythm and a HUGE midrange, only matched by my Kiseki Purpleheart Sapphire on my modded RB300). The higher Ortofon MMs sound great on the Mayware, very fast, very detailed, very dynamic, like Sugar Ray Leonard. Everything sounds great on the Audio Technica 1005, 1007 and 1009 tonearms, the only tonearm in my experience which sounds great with everything regardless of mass-matching issues, some voodoo at work, and simply a gorgeous sound. Lots to choose from, sky's the limit! Next up, a Hadcock 228 Super, and a Sony U247 (don't laugh, a superbly-built tonearm, like the A-T). Both the A-Ts and the Sony have removable headshells, therefore lose some high-end credibility, but the A-T at least is one of the most musical tonearms I have ever heard, and not bad in the audiophile department either, and I suspect the Sony is even better. Bet you're sorry you asked, now ;-)
Well Tempered Arm and any mc you fancy!
Works very well with DNM Aciore or ZYX R10-02.
It's the oldest, cheapest wt and it's fabulous.