Opinions on MBL 116F speakers

Am considering upgrading from  Sonus Faber Olympica III speakers.  Of course, I could move to the new Amati Traditions or Serafino and maintain the same SF "sound" with more bass and somewhat more articulation, but recently heard the MBL 116F which was quite a different sound (in a positive sense) and thus intriguing.  I listen nearly exclusively to classical and jazz and not a high volumes. At present, the speakers would be driven by Rogue Audio Stereo 100 amp and RP-7 preamp.

I cannot find any recent commentary on the MBL 116F (the few reviews and comments seem dated to around 2010-11).  Does anyone have any experience with these speakers?
I don't have any direct experience but they are known to be notoriously hard to drive, you will very likely need a new more powerful amp.
Bel canto ref 600 is a good match