Opinions on Marantz tt42p ?

Questions for the community from long time member (but mainly a lurker/buyer really)

Came across the Marantz TT42P at a big chain store, no need to mention names. Was on clearance and picked it up on impulse , thinking might be a good buy and possibly a step up from the Rega P1 stock (umm, maybe I did upgrade to the glass platter ?) I use rarely. I enjoy vinyl still, but not as much as I used to and let's face it, is a bit of pain IMHO. So don't really need a new turntable, but if the price seems right ... why not ?
My questions, for those who know more about these things:

Is the TT42P better than the P1 with a vanilla Parasound phono preamp? I know, much better stuff out there for more money, but not planning to spend the dough for something I use maybe 5 or 6 times / year.
One thing that I kinda like is :fully automatic, as opposed to fully manual. I know, I know , fully auto does not add to sound quality, but look at the convenience angle. Agree that simple is generally better, in this case the auto feature appeals to me.  

Depending on the answer to above, is it really worth keeping, or return it and save the $ and trouble and maybe consider something really better when I decide to spend a bit more ?
All I know about it is made in Germany (a good thing these days , I believe) and the P at the end means has onboard preamp included, so should save some space and cables. Cartridge included, same as cheapo attached RCA. Again, I understand this is not going to be vinyl nirvana, but anyone thinks is a good idea ? Yes, will do the comparative listening ASAP, but what do the analog aficionados around here got to say ? Never hurts to ask folks who know more 

Note: did not have a chance to hook it up, not even sure is really working since was open box and only came with power cord and nothing else. In addition, the P1 sounds okay to me, for the amount of time I spend listening to it, so this is more of a whim than anything else.
Another note for additional clarification : even if you tell me I can have a way better TT for same money, but have to go shopping for it/find it / order it/set it up/match a cartridge/etc/etc/etc, forget it. Not in the mood right now, this happened cause I was in the store and there it was. So, I'm cheap and lazy, what's the problem with that ? Two major virtues if you ask me, but that's another discussion,

Thanks for any input, curious to see responses to a relatively simple question (but we know that nothing is that simple with any of this, don't we?)

We know that anyone seriously interested in vinyl reproduction would not own that turntable.  
The reason you play records 5 times a year is because you have a turntable like this. (Kidding)

I agree that simple is generally better but anything that Advanced Writers reviews comes with upgrades works well. As far as saving is concerned, sometimes a stitch in time saves nine.
With all due respect, this TT is not for anyone who is serious about getting into vinyl. It is meant to appeal to the  nostalgia of vinyl. Or the one who has some old records he /she wants to digitize and think this is the route to go. With all that you have said about your preferences, you are not a candidate for vinyl. Not trying to be mean. But vinyl is work. It is about getting involved in the music and the ritual which is demanded for enjoying vinyl. The cover art used to be of great importance. The notes within sometimes tell of the music's production, etc. 
You may want to get into vinyl. But your desire for convenience over involvement must change for you to ever get past the 5 albums per yr status. Digital is convenient. I'd return the TT and put the $$$ into a music server or a CDP. That's the only way to get the convenience you seek. No matter whether digital or vinyl, I'd return the TT  because its not better than what you had.