Opinions on Marantz SA1 SACD CD Player

Hi, has anyone heard it. Also, how is the CD player of the SA1. Thanks
The sa-1 is discontinued. However, from what I've read on this site it is an excillent sounding sacd/cd player. You can usully find them here from 3500-$4000.
the Marantz SA-1 is a good to very good cd player....about on par with $3k to $5k cdps. if you modify the SA-1 you will raise the cd performance to near-reference quality....this can cost you $2k+. your total investment would be in line with the performance. i do think the build quality, front-loading and speed of loading give the SA-1 some long-term advantages over other one-box digital solutions.

i own the SA-1 and to my ears it is still as good (or better) than ANY sacd player i have heard when playing sacds.

i use the Linn CD-12 as my cd reference and so have not yet done modifications to the SA-1 but eventually i will.
I have had an SA-1 for about a month and find it to be exceptional as both an SACD and a CD player. It is my first SACD equipment and although promising the software just isn't available, although what I have heard is very good. For CD it is both detailed and musical, as in, the sound is incredible but it still has a direct connection to the boogie muscle. Build quality is excellent. They are still around. Get one.