Opinions on Marantz SA-7S1, Nagra CDP

Might be changing the digital side of my system. Does anyone have any experience with the new Marantz SA-7S1 or the Nagra CDP. These 2 pieces interest me because of their novel ways of handling cd, seem very well thought out. Possibly replacing a Krell Reference 64 DAC DT-10 transport. This combo has a very weighted, dynamic sound, considered to be a form of distortion by purists, but I actually enjoy the presentation. My preamp and amps which I have no intention of removing (SMC McCormack monos and pre)have a warm , liquid signature and precise, clear sounding digital is what works best in my experience. Any thoughts are appreciated.
A krell reference 64/ DT10 change for a Nagra CDP of Marantz SA-7S1, are you out of your mind?
I have a Marantz SA-7S1 and it is as good as all the different reviews say it is. I have had several high end transports and D/A's at home and this player is certainly competitive with any that I have listened to. The only drawback is a long breakin time. It is definitively built as good as anything the highend has to offer and is a joy to listen to. Good luck!
Its possible Robertje, "are you crazy" is a common response to many things I say. Your opinion is definitely something that I continue to strongly consider. Just curious about other options mainly because of concern that the Krells might be reaching their end. Not being able to handle future repairs etc. If I could have the transport rebuilt if needed, I would. Something that has beeen built can be rebuilt, but at what cost? The Krell is in my opinion a "golden age" digital combo, if there is such a thing.
How many hours of breakin did it require? Did you breakin both CD and SACD separately? Which filters do you prefer?
F1a. It took about a month of constant playing to sound its best. I didn't break in the CD and SACD separately and the sound seemed to improve in the same ways in both formats so I guess the improvements are in the power supply or output section. I have never had a component that changed as much as this one with time. The funny thing is that it wasn't how long the unit was left on as I would unplug it if a thunderstorm was in the area and it would regain it's sound rather quickly. I usually stick with filter#1, but I have heard the others improve certain CD's.
I heard the Nagra CDP in a friend's system for several hours. I liked the sound -- clear, detailed and open, without being overly edgy and brittle. None of us preferred it over the Naim CD555 that it was being compared to, but, it is about half the price.

I also really like its look and compact size. However, it does have some operational quirks. If I recall correctly, if one operated the unit manually to start play on the machine, the remote control became inoperable. The remote was also quite weird and difficult to use. Ergonomically speaking, I would not agree that this player is well thought out.
The Nagra is of interest because of its build quality and attention to detail. Features and being user friendly is unimportant. Larryi, although the Naim is a very impressive machine, as you said, it is in a completely different price category. Hamr, thank you for your comments on the Marantz.
I too like a compact player with front/drawer type of loading. But, the Philips mechanism that Nagra employs is really meant for top loading, so Nagra had to engineer a drawer to move the whole transport in order to convert it to front loading. The key question is whether they can successfully manage vibration dampening/isolation with such a mechanism.

The bottom line is the success of such implementation. I like the sound of that player and I also like its unusual looks.

I've seen and heard the Marantz, though only in a dealer's system. It is very well built and operates very smoothly. I've always been impressed with what they offer for the money in digital source components.
I own a Nagra CDC, soon will change to a CDP, as I prefer to use a preamp than going direct to the amplifier. Some people do not agree with me on this aspect.
The Nagra is an amazing CD - the most detailed and 3D I ever had. Depth and soundtage are outstanding. Read the recent review at Soundstage. I also own a CD7, and Marc Mickelson did a very fair review. In Europe both players cost the same price so the cost analysis is different.
Very recently I heard my Nagra with a friend Dartzeel's - it is a fantastic match.
BTW, it is true what people say - the unbalanced output sounds better than the balanced.