Opinions on Magnepans sales/marketing approach to

Is anyone else somewhat frustrated at the inability to audition the 20.7s except at a very very few locations in the country? The fly to MN to hear does not really appeal to me either because let's be real, an hour listening to decide on 14K speakers in a strange system is simply not enough and in MN they do not do a side by side with the 3.7s to allow auditioning both through same electronics any way.

I recently purchased Maggie 3.7s with the option to upgrade to 20.7s within 6 months . The 3.7s to my ear are a cut above the 3.6s when it comes to sounding like a single cohesive speaker versus the ribbon tweeter always drawing some attention to itself.

Problem is how do you tell if upgrade from 3.7 to 20.7 is worth it if the dealers do not have them on floor? The best would be to audition in you home on your equipment but at least if the dealers had both you could audition where the only variable is the speaker.

I have spoken wo Wendell about it and there is 1 dealer who Boston who will let you try and return but that is virtually an isolated approach..one which I applaud. Of course they have to really qualify the buyer but again, if you have 3.7s and want to upgrade, Magnepan and most dealers expect you to "buy on faith or reviews" which in my mind, in today's economy, is simply ridiculous. While I am sure some have bought them "blind", the argument that the 20.1s were better than the 3.6s so imagine how much better the 20.7s are the the 3.7s will not make me pull the trigger.

Long winded way of asking about others experience and opinion of how Magnepan and dealers are handling the 20.7s

I would not get mad at your dealer for making stuff up. But,,,
That sounds like total hogwash. If you order a pair of 20.7 they enter it into the ’current daily cycle’ which is just getting it into the production lineup schedule. Sadly, right now, the vast demand for The new Magnepan LRS is causing production backups of all speakers. So to ’get in line’ no matter what speaker you want. at this point, due to the demand for the LRS is at least 7 to 9 weeks. Magnepan is pretty much a order it then schedule it and when your number comes up they build it. No special treatment for anyone to ’cut in line’. Magnepan has piles of parts already built, and just waiting to be assembled... So you are just waiting for them to get to your order.
Anyway, another reason no one would carry the 20.7 as a demo unit is the high cost. Few dealers have the money to carry something they do not sell many of. MY local area Magnepan dealer HAD a pair of demo 20.7 about five years ago. I went and listened to them twice for several hours each time with my own music. (At that time I owned 3.6 Magnepan. I decided not to buy the 20.7 at that time) A while later when all the possible customers he knew of in the area had given thumbs up or down, he sold the demo pair. Why carry something only one person in six months wants to hear? and then only one in four buy...
Anyway, come along last year I was all set to buy new 3.7i and decided Hell! jump the shark and go big. So I ordered a pair of 20.7s (since I already had listened to them)
At THAT time took them about three and a half weeks from order to ship. Then due to a flaw in the first pair, Magnepan sent a new pair in one week to replace the first pair. (serial number was 3 higher. so you can speculate how many they make from that at least a bit)
The limiting factor at Magnepan is number of employees. To be fair to all Magnepan buyers, they schedule for any model in a linear fashion. Want a LRS, a 3.7i a 20.7 ? same wait. (though I could see a cancellation might get you in faster for something like the 20.7 (plus my replacement was rushed, little waiting) Also my dealers guys set up both pair of speakers, no problem.
Have you thought of GOING TO MAGNEPAN factory? Call them and ask them if THEY have a pair of 20.7 you could go there and listen to?
Oh yes, I've been thinking I should call the factory and see when I could drive over and listen to 20.7s.  It's only 33 miles from my house.  To date, I've only heard 1.7i and 3.7i.

Is there any benefit in buying from the a dealer when Magnepan is right here "in town"?  I believe the Magnepan warranty coverage would be the same, either way.
It is very frustrating but few dealers will keep very expensive speakers on the floor because the market is so limited. It is not Magnepan's fault. If they insist on dealers displaying the top of their range they just lose dealers. The dealers that do display them have a clientele that is more likely to purchase them. 
I have not set up 20.7s yet but I have 2 pair of 20.1s which are very similar. The 20.7s have what is arguably the best tweeter ever made. The ultra high end is even better than an ESL. Because they are taller than the 3.7s they project power in the mid bass better becoming linear arrays down to about 150 Hz. Like the 3.7s the bass is going to be very sensitive to position and they will not do below 40 Hz with absolute authority. I always set them up with sub woofers then done correctly you have very close to the ultimate sound at less than 1/2 the money. There is no point source speaker that can compare. The only speaker I would prefer is the Soundlabs Majestic 845 or 945 and they are about 40 K and much larger.
In short I have absolutely no problem recommending the 20.7. If I am wrong you can publicly roast me on this forum
The only question of dealer vs direct is setup. If you buy them direct, they probably? so close they might bring them?? (I have totally no idea have to ask them) If delivered, most likely YOU (or two guys) will have to carry them INTO the house.
So the set up is you. (though Magnepan might set them up?? at 33 miles that is a possible thing.
You must have two people to set them up. two healthy strong people. You are picking up off the ground a hundred pound door sized object. (to get the on the base. (which you screw on with the speaker on side edge (while one is putting on the base,
PS make SURE the base is tight BEFORE you lift it upright. (since the base bolts just spin.. and spin. and you cannot reach them. The trick I used was a drill ...cycling it fast off on off on, finally got them to tighten up) the other person is holding the speaker on edge. After up and vertical, then you put in the tweeter (which are shipped separate in a PITA tube to get it out of) plus two, one to hold the tweet in place, other to screw it down.(if you DROP the tweeter, you probably will already be buying a new one.) Remember I watched this all happen TWICE.Also with the speaker frame being MDF, some of the tweeter screws will not seat. they will just turn and turn. You can ignore that, or add some filler into the hole and then later put in the stripped screws. usually a few will be stripped out. (both my 3.6 and 20.7 both pair had ’some’ stripped out tweeter screws. no big deal IMO) (all the other screws are tight... as they were in before arrived. and I bet they fixed any weak holes the same way.Complete break in really took more than six months for me. I listen at low levels. The main difference was lower level sound ’fell off’ the hearable particularly annoying with Classical music.. Where after break in, they are good.  
The Magnepan 20.7 are so unbelievable good.   amazing....
In 2010, I was thrilled with the soundstage of 1.7i and 3.7i. From what I’m told, I’d love 20.7s. So, it became a long-term plan of mine - to get a house with bigger rooms so I could support 3.7i or 20.7. Over the last year we moved from a 1950 cape cod house with small rooms to a 1965 rambler with a big rooms that will support 20.7s! Now, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to get some 20.7s into the house! Ideally, I’ll find a used pair of 20.7s in the Minneapolis metro area. But, they don’t seem to come onto the used market very often in the Minneapolis metro area... Maybe I should consider new? There’s currently a demo pair of 20.7 (2012 manufacture date, selling on Audiogon) from an audio store in Evanston, IL, but the $1200 shipping costs or 10% sales tax of $895 (with me driving to Evanston to pick them up) KILLS the good deal of those 20.7s...VERY sad that is the case. I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass and wait for something local to come to light.