Opinions on Magico V3's?


I auditioned these speakers twice and want to know audiogoner's experiences.
Any problems or issues?
What is the best suited amplification- Tube or SS?
My room is: 20'x12'x8'.
Thanks for any input.

Our local audiophile group had an opportunity last winter to audition this and the Mini. Many of us had posted our impressions in this thread.

Great speakers would use very good solid state if you like tight bass i have Mini 2 in the same size room am using Rowland 8T 250ch V3 is easier to drive. These are 2 of the best speakers out there!!Good Luck!!
I have the V3 for some time now. No issues whatsoever. I use Spectral electronics but I have heard them driven by tubes gear like ARC, VAC and even Nagra. They seems to bring the best in all setups I have heard. They can benefit from good power but I feel it is true for just about any speakers.