Opinions on M&K MX-5000THX Sub. Or best Sub

Hi, has anyone heard this M&K MX-5000THX Sub. Or what do people recommend as the best Sub for Movies and Music. I'v heard good things about the Velodyne ULD 15 sub, Triad InSilver Sub, Revel B15 Sub, the Impact Sub, which uses 2 12 inch woofers, the Paradigm 15 sub.

The ATC SCM-70 Subwoofer is hands down the most amazing sub of all times. At $15,600 retail, it better be!
This was the sub that was part of the Stereophile System of the Year for 2000. The entire Home theater was ~$93,000. This sub is easily the FASTEST sub in the world as it goes UP to over 2,000Hz! Show me any other 15" sub that does that and still goes down to 18Hz.

Check out the Stereophile article at www.atc.gb.net.
I've heard them at a dealer here in Denver and it's unreal!
i had it! thought it was the ultimate, until the sunfire took its home.
I use two M&K MX-150THX's (got them half price at tweeter, that's why I have two). I've listened to the v series, don't bother. I've had energy which is fairly good, but the 150's sound great. I don't even use the THX mode. If you have a small room you'll only need one. I have listened to the 5000's and didn't hear enough difference to warrant the large cost difference. Also the Rel subs are great but more expensive. Hope this helps.
I have the MX-150 THX and love it. This is what I have gathered from alot of reading and a little comparison. M&K seems to the way to go for HT, REL seem to be more musical. I'm happy with mine.