Opinions on Lipinski speakers

Hi, anyone ever hear them?
I'v read they sound like Dunlavy speakers.
I heard them more than five years ago. A somewhat older incarnation. As I recall good imaging and resolution. Somewhat limited bass. However, off-axis listening was not a strength.
Doug, I owned the L707's for about two years and ran them in a tube system. Awesome speakers, but you may need a sub. I bought them directly from Lucas Lipinski. They image very well and sound great. I replaced them with Wilson Witt Series II. The L707's are great speakers, but I would not pay retail for them. They are expensive, but may be had for 28-34 hundred bucks (demos) I just don't think that monitors sound as good as floor standers MHO Just being honest. Try to give a listen first if possible. Best of luck.
I heard both the 707 and the smaller model several years back at a pro audio dealer. Both models were set up as board monitors and sounded as good in that application as anything I've ever heard. I believe that they were designed for that type of near-field use, so I can't say with certainty how that translates to use in a listening room (tho it might explain GSM's comment re: off-axis performance).
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"Horizontal dispersion measured well.
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