opinions on linn classic

i have a set of tukan speakers and got a intek and powertek amp also a arcam alpha 7 cd player.
i dont have a lot of money and a pretty small living room.12x16ft
would getting a linn classic be an upgrade to what i have now..i listen to blues,jazz,classic rock,metal,techno...
can i biwire my tukans w/ the classic and can i also hook up a sub?
goodies, sell the CDP and preamp, use Classik + powertek to play bi-amping and bi-wiring.
I have used the Classik with Katans speakers, great sound.
You can biwire your Tukans as it has two set of speaker terminal per channel. You can also add a sub or amp using the set of preamp outputs. If you buy an used Classik-T, read the Stereophile review on Linn's web page. The early Classik-T had a problem with the cd section, it was upgraded. The new Classik-K is flawless. Good luck, Hector
Is the Linn Classik about $2,000 all in one box? If so I heard it with Joseph speakers and sound was grainy. With Steely Dan's "Two against Nature" sure sounded like he had a BAD hangover.
The Classik is a great small-room solution. Be advised the earlier versions did not have a tuner section, which you really ought to have if you listen to FM at all. It even has a timer function so you can use it as an alarm clock!

Highly recommended!
I think the Classik with the Tukans and k-400 in between would simplify your life and make you very happy. Its not only a pleasure to use (1 remote) and nice looking, but your system will sound very integrated -- i.e. you'll stop thinking about the components and just enjoy music.

You can pick up a used Linn Classik-T or K in like new condition for under $1000. With the sale of your other equipment, don't imagine you would need much cash outlay to make the switch.

Even if you move on to a big multi-channel rig one day, the classik/tukan combo would make a very nice office system.