Opinions on Levinson No. 27 AMP

I am yet to read a review on the Levinson No. 29 Amp and would like to hear some opinions from anyone who has heard the amp. I am running a pair a Proac 1-SC which I really like and want to make sure they will live up to their potential with this amp. I listen to mostly Jazz, Blues and some rock. Not the best R&R speaker but it is all a trade-off.
I owned a 27.5 for a number of years and only sold it to finance a home theatre system (mistake, another story). In a few discussions with Levinson freaks, 'er fans, the consenus is that the 29 is the best sounding of the bunch. My understanding is that the 29 was originally demo'ed by levinson in a biamp configuration with the 29 running the upper FR.

They rarely come up for sale. If you have an opportunity at a correct price..around a grand or so...then it is a wonderful for moderately efficient speakers.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I ended up dragging the amp home for a week and really liked the sound. Hopefully it stands the test of time (MORE).
I own a ML 27.5 since new.Magic in a box.No plans to sell.
I recently made arrangements to purchase a second 27.5 in order to bi-amp but unfortunately the deal fell through.
The seller was asking a lot $$$.I 'll be more lucky next time.
I own tne 27 before to drive PRO AC responce 2,it has plenty of details , fast and clean,very much like my existing CELLO 350,although the sound stage is not as open as the new MARK,but you won't be regret to us with it,compare to 29,it has more solid mid and lower bass,dynamic is awesome,and mark signature's sounding,clean and clear.

Happy listening.