Opinions on Land Rover LR2

My wife and I currently lease a Benz GLK350 and the lease is up soon. MB offered us a fair deal on a new one, but it's basically the same car, despite their claim that over 1000 parts have been changed, including the engine. We were thinking that the LR2 seems pretty cool, at about the same price for a base model which is plenty for us - well, for my wife actually. I get the Civic. Any LR2 owners out there? Also appreciate any input on the new X3 or Tiguan, which are also in the running.
The Range Rover Evoque is very nice.
This does not answer your question.
The Evoque is very nice, but I'm old-fashioned. I like a vehicle with good visibility. So many designers don't seem to give a damn whether you can see. Maybe it's me.
Why on this forum? Surely there must be more appropriate places on the internet to ask this question. Whiskey, cigars, same thing...but at least they are consumed while listening to music.
I agree. The Evoque is very stylish only.
Early 1990's my friend and I did tree work together. He had leased a Ford Super-duty. Nice truck! Very expensive! My 1970 Dodge Power Wagon would always pull him out!! (Huge Dana rears)
Can I get more off topic?? :)
Dodge W300, to specify
Does anyone have any opinions on what cookware they use.I just bought a set of demeyere.

You must of bumped your head right before you posted. Give your wife the Honda and get yourself a scooter. Take the rest and put it into your system. Am I the only one thats thinking clearly here? They just don't make audiophiles like they used to. Unbelievable.
I agree with Roxy54.
No one cares what kind of cars you drive...really.
We looked at the LR but I must say we bought a volvo XC 60 and it has been terrific. Great vision, great safety, very quick and zero issues. Three friends have since bought the same car and been very happy. I disagree about not posting here, about 6 years ago I redid a kitchen and some of the best advice I got was here on audiogon.
If you tape a few Flying Saucers to it ,you might decide to keep it!
"So many designers don't seem to give a damn whether you can see. Maybe it's me."

No it's not just you. This is becoming a real safety issue due to the design of newer cars. Form over function. A case in point is the 2013 Taurus.

Chayro, we looked into Rovers and the top of the line Jeeps but went with an Audi Q5 for the wife. (Must get the 6 cylinder though) Go have a test drive and let us know what you think.
My friend really liked the Evoque. Actually she wanted me to buy her one!!!
Anyway, my first thought was the same as yours plus I felt the sleek design would also limit the cargo space as if you needed to move a piece of furniture.
I felt the same when I first saw the Dodge Magnum.
They both do LOOK nice, though. Good luck with your decision.
@Bojack - you shouldn't care what kind of car I drive. I care, as I have to pay for it and drive it. @Mlawtm - We've had a set of Townecraft for over 30 years and they are incredible. Not a lifetime product, but a multi-lifetime product. Quite pricey, but supreme quality.
Never, never buy a crummy Land Rover, over-priced yuppy POS with lousy sound system, ugly to boot.
Charyo, were it not for bad taste , you would be completely without same.
Schubert - As to your first comment, I haven't checked out the car yet, so I might end up agreeing with you after further research. BTW, do you have any experience with these vehicles, or is this just a personal bias? As to your second comment - apology accepted.
You are getting close to Porsche Cayenne territory and nothing not even the range rover can touch that bad boy IMHO. I test drove everything out there and there is no comparison.
Oh and I owned a discovery for a couple years. Worst vehicle I ever owned.
The Porsche is far bigger and more expensive. If we wanted a car that big, we might consider the Toureg. I think VW makes some very nice cars.
None rendered Chayro, you post is both ignorant and a prime textbook case of delusuions of grandeur.
Schubert - I cannot possibly imagine why you're saying that. I simply asked for some opinions on small SUVs from people who own them. I have no idea of what got your dander up about it, but it is what it is.
Next time you will ask here in an audio forum what kind of Underwear you should buy for you and your wife ... welcome in the real world
I notice that many of Chayro's detractors are people who haven't bothered to list their systems, yet they want to set rules as to what are permissible posts. Dilettantes and poseurs all!

One of the longest running threads in Audiogon forum history is about cars. Need I point out that audio systems are a featured item in cars?

Mlawitm, are you happy with you Demeyeres? I purchased a set of their iron skillets about a year ago and thoroughly enjoy listening to music while I cook with them.
Hey - no problem. I just thought you might have something useful to say about your experience with these cars. But apparently not. So be it.
Onhwy61yes I bought them for my girlfriend along with a Shun Bob Kramer knife set and I love listening to music while she cooks me dinner.
Schubert is rapidly becoming the most arrogant poster on this site. He also brings nothing to the table but condescending snipe.
Thank you Wino, coming from you that is high praise indeed .
I have a good idea, let's officially end this thread.
5-Year Cost to Own5-Year Cost:
($0.77 per mile)

58K buys a lot of nice audio.
Its Audiogon Dude not Autogon Hello!!