opinions on Krell EVO transport vs.SACD Standard?

I am interested in finding out what kind of sonic differences are between Krell SACD Standard mkII and EVO series transports.Does EVO transport has all the magic of SACD Standard or is it more neutral?Does it still have the grinding sound which came by default with most SACD Standard transports?The reason is that unfortunately i have to install EVO transport in SACD Standard chassis (by Krell) and worried that i won't enjoy my player as much after this nessesary modification.Thanks a lot for your opinions.
The Krell SACD Std version 3 will have the same transport as the EVO. That is all I know at the moment. I have a version 3 on order. It will perform the same as the EVO transport. No grinding noises and much faster access speeds.
I have had 505 on loan and can confirm that the new transport is superb - fast and quiet.