Opinions on Kimber Select

I have always been a big fan of Kimber Kable. I feel it offered great performance in the right system(bad in the wrong one), and good value for money(from PBJ on up). I am not in the market, but wonder what people's impressions on their Select line are. The all copper interconnect costs more than KCAG. Not that they don't have the right to charge that much. Would be even better if those who have experience with both lines checked in. I do not have a lot of experience with the new cable players(seems they are coming out of the woodwork). And over the past few years, prices have skyrocketed. $100 used to be a major price point, and now it has shifted MUCH higher. Did Kimber feel obliged to charge the same as what the others were getting? I realize that Kimber itself may have started a lot of this in our hobby with their Black Pearl. But, have they really made a revolutionary product, or just taken the next step in making good cable(evolution)?
Extremely expensive. Hard to write the check. Yet no doubt in my mind they far out distance any thing. If you can afford the best they deserve a good listen. Ihave the KS 1130 interconnects and the KS 3038 speaker cables. They let it all come through.
Hi Trelja. The 1030 has been the best IC in my system. IMO Kimber has taken a step in making one of the finest IC I have heard. I would not call it revolutionary. Coincident IC held up well vs 1030. The 1030 has the most gorgeous treble I have heard. Has a top to bottom transparency I have not heard in other ICs. KCAG has no where near the the performance of 1030. Good stuff.
A few months ago I upgraded from 8TC's (excellent cable) to a set of 3038's. With my hands shaking and my head and lips quivering, I signed the check. I wired the cables and to this day my mouth is still on the ground! I couldn't believe the difference. I expected a small improvement in detail and transient "speed" but what I got was something far more incredible. Detail and amazing air, super controlled "tight" bass down to well below 20Hz (my speakers go that low), and a sense that the cable was doing absolutely zero to the signal. My system seemed flawless before the upgrade yet now I can't believe what I was missing. I compared the 1030's to a set of balanced Silver Streaks. The 1030's seemed warmer with a smooth clean treble and rich harmonics. The Silver streaks seemed "faster" with instantaneous transient attacks and an overall more exciting presentation. The image of instruments within the soundstage was very 3D on the 1030's and a bit flatter on the S.S.'s. In the end, I prefered the balanced Silver Streaks in my system. I must try the 1130's. I also have a set of 1020's going to my home theater sub; aside from the 1030's, the 1020's have to be one of the greatest sub cables ever made (far surpassing the pbj they replaced). If you get a chance, try to audition the Selects - especially the 3038's.