opinions on Jeff Rowland MC 6 Amp

Looking for help on this six channel amp, I am using aerial 10 t speakers in front,cc3 center and aerial sr3 in rears, would this amp be powerfull enough, if not, I was thinking of the roland 112 for fronts, all opinions apreceated,
Samski your doing better, bridge or bi-amp the 6ch amp for the cc3 and sr3's and 2ch for the 10t's and now your cooking. Mikec
The MC-6 is a monster of an amp! For a theater system, I can't imagine that you would need more power. I have used the the MC-6 and have found it to be one of the most versatile amplifiers available. Not to mention the build quality which is without peer. It would also be advisable to purchase a high quality power chord like the King Cobra to extrapolate its full potential. Good Luck with your decision.