Opinions on Jadis JS 1 Tube Dac and Jadis Transpor

Hi, has anyone ever heard the Jadis JD-1 Transport and the JS1 DAC, or the Dac on another transport or CD Player. Its about 7 years old. But i heard this is one of the best sounding Dacs and Transport. The JS 1 Dac was a tube dac and it had a seperate power supply that weighed 60 pounds. I think Jerry Ozment from Audio Logic designed the Dac.
Jerry Ozment did indeed design the DAC; his Audio Logic is, in my view, a better unit (better quality parts and, with his most recent changes to it in the past few years, far better bass response) and a bargain in comparison, although it uses a solid state power supply instead of the Jadis' tubed power supply. That said, the Jadis DAC is extremely musical and a pleasure to listen to music through--it's probably a little riper and full in the bass compared to the best you can get, but a wonderful midrange (sounds like what many say about the Audio Aero Capitole, hmmmm). I have not heard the JD-1, but doesn't it look great? That alone would have gotten me to buy it if I didn't like my Forsell so much.
No opinion on JS-1. However, I heard JD-1 with Levinson 30.5. If I had the money, I would have bought it there and then. It is one of the greatest transports I've heard. However, I believe it is not in production anymore (in case it matters for you).