Opinions on integrateds, thanks...

I'm in the process of upgrading my system in my office. My current set up includes: NAD 712 receiver, Cambridge Audio CD4 CD player, Sonic Frontiers TransDAC, B & W DM601 speakers, Audioquest interconnect and power cords. I'm considering changing the receiver for an integrated and tuner. I've narrowed it down to two contrenders (both approx $700 used): the Classe Audio CAP101 http://www.classeaudio.com/amps/integrat/cap101.htm or the Audio Refinement Complete http://www.phlox-electronique.fr/indexu.htm I haven't had any first experience with the amps, I'm also interested in opinions of like products from other manufacturers . I'd appreciate any and all feedback, thanks, Jeff
I have a Audio Refinement Complete int. and I am very pleased with its performance. It is rated at 50 wpc and it has pleanty of power to drive your B&W speakers. I originaly had a pair of CDM 1 that I used with the amp, they worked wonderfully. I would look into it if I were you it is a great amp. Good sonics, great looks, and an overall great hi end value. On the other hand the Classe is no slouch either. I have not listened to the CAP amps but have heard and read very good things. Either way you will not go wrong but, the Audio Refinement might save you some money over the Classe. Good luck.
Thanks, appreciate your opinion. I may have the opportunity to pick up a "B" stock Classe for less than $1000, which brings the two integrateds into the same price point. Think I'll try to find a way to borrow one of each to determine what's best, I figure either the CAP or the Complete will be good amps, question of taste more than anything. Thanks again, Jeff
I listened to a number of very nice integrateds recently while in the process of upgrading. Listened extensively to Myryad, Krell, Plinius and Densen plus a few others. These are the ones I had it narrowed down to in my pricerange and requirements. The winner IMO, and the one I bought??? Densen B-100. Sounds as good or better than the others, priced right by comparison and is the hands down build quality and appearance winner. Not the easiest amps to locate but worth the search.
Try the audio analogue Puccini SE REmote or the Pathos Classic One. Great integrated at affordable prices.