Opinions on Homegrown Audio Silver Lace?

anyone using the new homegrown audio silverlace reference? or just had experience with their wire on a good system. I've got an EVo digital amp and a tube pre-amp and can't afford expensive cable right now.
Both Trelja and I have posted a number of messages over the past several months about HGA cables, with particular comments about the SilverLace. Go back several months through the archives and you will find answers to your questions.
I am currently breaking in a pair of Silver Lace. Right out of the box (bag) I found them a bit sterile and forward, but as I am slowly getting some hours on them, they are really changing character. I am hearing all kinds of little things in very familiar recordings that I had never heard (or Noticed) before. Bass is solid and tight. Any one who says cables all sound alike is deaf.I still only have about 50 hrs. on them , and the consensus seems to be that they need at least 100.( Kevin from HGA told me the same). Right now I think they are really going to morph into a really great cable,and at the price, you really cant go wrong. Good luck
My feelings on the cable parallel Sdcampbell. As usual. Right out of the box, the cable scared me in terms of its heft, bass, and dynamics. Break-in only made the cable better. Sweet, warm, and yet also detailed. This is the best interconnect I have ever come across. I have to say that this product should never be underestimated. Do not judge it as a budget product, but as one of the upper echelon cables. It takes its place next to the best out there. Not sure how many people have given it a try, but I can say that for little more than the price of an entry level product, you get a reference level cable.